Carlaw Park Student Village Stage 3 - Completed Project

The Stuart McCutcheon House, a purpose-built student accommodation facility at the University of Auckland, has been honoured with two prestigious awards.

The Stuart McCutcheon House – Carlaw Park Student Village Stage 3

New Zealand Commercial Project Residential Gold Award

New Zealand Commercial Project BIM Award

Ashton Mitchell is proud of these achievements and would like to extend a massive thank you and congratulations to our clients, consultant teams, and all others involved in these projects.

Constructed by Haydn & Rollett, Stuart McCutcheon House was developed to provide state-of-the-art student accommodation for over 900 university students. The building’s design prioritises student comfort and community, incorporating shared amenities such as cinema rooms, gaming areas, communal kitchens, and dedicated study spaces. These features combined with superior acoustic and thermal design, ensure a serene and conducive environment for student life.

The project’s success is also attributed to its use of modern construction techniques, including prefabrication, which enabled efficient assembly throughout construction. The innovative approaches adopted by the project team ensured the building was completed on time, providing much-needed accommodation for the academic year.

Stuart McCutcheon’s House victory in the BIM (Building Information Modelling) category underscores Ashton Mitchell and Haydn & Rollett’s industry-leading approach to BIM collaboration on large commercial projects. The use of BIM extended beyond the design and construction phases, integrating into the facility’s ongoing management. This forward-thinking application of BIM has created a comprehensive database of building information, significantly enhancing maintenance efficiency, and reducing long-term operation costs.

The judges praised the project for its exceptional design and strategic use of BIM, highlighting its potential to serve as a model for future student accommodations. Stuart McCutcheon House is not only a testament to innovative architectural design but also an example of how modern construction techniques, strategic planning, and thorough BIM integration, can lead to outstanding results in the building industry.

The dual award recognition celebrates the collaborative efforts of Haydn & Rollett, Mott MacDonald, Reidy & Co, Ashton Mitchell Ltd, and all others involved in the success of Stuart McCutcheon House, Providing a benchmark for future projects in Student Accommodation.

Carlaw Park Student Village Stage 3 - Completed Project
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