Recent site photos taken on 11th May 2022 showing progress tracking well on the OMC: Onehunga Mall Club Redevelopment site. A significant milestone is hit as construction extends out of the ground and the first Pre-Cast Concrete panels are erected on site. The Pre-cast pattern was inspired from the existing carpet pattern of the former Onehunga Workingmen’s Club.

Taking cues from the sites former use, The Onehunga Workingmen’s Club, the OMC apartments acknowledge the sites history from the projects name, branding, and design. The OMC produces a building that responds to the existing context and historical heritage character of the fringe-city suburb whilst establishing an exemplar of the future development pattern anticipated in the Auckland Unitary Plan. The eight-levelled development maintains dual street frontages with new retail spaces to Onehunga Mall, 2 car parking levels and features 102 one and two-bedroom apartments.

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