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“Habitat for Humanity builds brighter futures, strong foundations, healthier children and stronger families.”


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Ashton Mitchell recently had the privilege of sending two teams of five to volunteer in the construction of a three bedroom, timber frame and weatherboard home for a family of seven in Newmarket. It was an amazing two days with many things learnt, many stories gained and many sore bodies the following few days. Habitat for Humanity offered a chance to not only allow Ashton Mitchell to share our experience and knowledge to the community, but a chance for ourselves to experience the building process in person out of the office rather than on paper.

Every 24 hours Habitat for Humanity completes 115 homes around the world. The needs of all these families are diverse, but so are the Habitat for Humanity solutions. They help those who have been struck by disaster and partner in international projects to provide communities with sanitation and clean water. No matter what housing solution they provide, the outcomes are the same: a foundation for a better life.

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